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Polly Douglas Nutritional Therapist

Polly Douglas, Nutritional Therapist

I will use this blog to post recipes, nutritional therapy information and general info about healthy eating.

Healthy Working Lives

nutritional therapyPosted by Polly Douglas Mon, February 29, 2016 12:19:36

Nutrition in the Work Place

Healthy Working Lives

Most people think that nutrition is just about weight management, we are used to thinking that nutrition can be used to balance the weight of the work force. An overweight work force may have a higher risk of many of the major health risks we face today, including Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer. However, diet can be used to manage more than just weight, and may benefit a huge number of the work force, not just those who have weight issues, or specific health concerns.

Stress and tiredness are very common complaints which lead to many people taking time off sick, or under achieving in the work place. By balancing out the diet and learning some basic dietary rules it is easy to improve symptoms and increase productivity. By eating a healthy balanced diet you may also boost your immune system and reduce the number of days taken off sick, for common seasonal ailments such as colds and allergies.

In the work place, nutrition advice can be used to balance energy, improve focus and concentration and reduce the number of days being taken off sick.

As part of the Scottish NHS initiative, one of the aims of the Healthy Working Lives Award is to ‘promote the benefits of a balanced diet and facilitate/enable opportunities for employees to eat more healthily’, please see below for suggestions on how I can make this easier for you and your company to achieve this.

Polly Douglas Nutrition

Polly Douglas is a fully qualified nutritional therapist with professional membership to the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Generally, nutritional therapy (NT) is an individualised complementary therapy. Clients will have a unique set of symptoms, medical history and dietary choices. Polly can work out the best diet, lifestyle improvements and supplements to optimise health and energy. Food and nutrients are used to help the body heal itself, trying to focus on underlying causes, rather than specific symptoms. NT can be used to help support many health issues and also weight management, stress reduction, energy and mood improvement.

However nutritional therapy can be delivered in a more general fashion, targeting groups and focusing on the most common problem areas within the work place. Please see below the ways in which I can help you educate your employees, and help improve the wellbeing of your workforce, and help to reduce the number of sick days they may be taking.


A number of one-off seminars can be provided on a number of topics and subjects.

Seminars are designed to fit into a lunch break, or as part of a healthy living information day syllabus. A tasting table or specific examples of food can be provided, at additional cost.

Topics can include the following, although if there are specific requirements, please discuss with Polly.

· Energise! Based on maintaining energy, basic advice on blood sugar balance, sleep, exercise and hydration

· Stress management- looking at specific foods that can help support the adrenal glands and help us manage how we react to stressful situations.

· Sleep- looking at how the diet and specific foods can effect sleep patterns, blood sugar balance, lifestyle tips

· Immune Boosting- aimed at reducing the risk of seasonal ailments such as the common cold, and hayfever. These can be changed to suit the season, eg winter health and summer health.

· Cholesterol and heart health- looking at the risk factors and how to avoid them, specific foods to help lower and manage cholesterol levels, lifestyle and dietary tips to reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease.

· Good Digestion- gut health is key to good health, and so many people suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and other digestive issues these days, something that we don’t talk about, but a major reason for taking sick days and feeling poorly.

· Staying healthy- a less specific session, aimed at basic healthy eating principals, why they are important and tips on making it easier to stick to.

6 Week Programme

There is so much information out there about what is healthy eating, should we eat low fat? or low sugar foods? what is the best diet? Or people think they eat healthily, but under investigation, is it a healthy balanced diet?

This 6 week programme has been developed to give basic healthy eating tips. Based on a group environment, with topics including blood sugar balance, energy, emotional eating and portion control as well as healthy meal suggestions and ideas for better snacks. The 45minute weekly sessions are informally provided, and the group are encouraged to take part in games and discussion around the topic. The sessions are designed to fit into a lunch break, to make it easier for the participants to attend each week. Each week the session will develop from the previous week and over the 6 weeks, those taking part will develop a good understanding of what a healthy balanced diet is, and how to go about providing it for themselves and their families. It is not meant to be a ‘diet club’ there is no weigh in and no measurements are taken. The group setting is perfect for creating an on-site support system for each other, during the 6 weeks, and beyond. Participants may find it easier to make changes to their dietary habits, if they are not the odd one out.

The outcomes of this programme aim to improve energy balance, increase concentration levels and eliminate the 3pm slump. Some people may also have some weight loss, and find that they are dealing with stressful situations better than before.

The 6 week programme could be extended to an 8 week or 12 week programme, where we would then look at specific health issues in a bit more detail, for example digestive health, stress management, cholesterol and heart disease, diabetes and immune boosting. Additional sessions could be tailored for the group, as required.

One-to-One Sessions

Do you have a number of staff with specific health issues? Are there people who have been struggling with long term, chronic conditions?

Nutritional Therapy can be provided on-site, as a one-to-one consultation. Appointments are normally one hour in length, a comprehensive medical history is taken including a discussion about current symptoms and problems, followed by an individualized plan of action. This may include dietary changes (e.g. removing gluten from the diet, or eating more protein), or supplements to help support the body.

Nutritional therapy has been shown to help those suffering from chronic stress, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, cardiovascular health problems, diabetes, skin issues, allergic conditions, inflammatory diseases (e.g. arthritis) and many more.

Due to confidentiality issues it is not possible to deal with individual’s problems during group sessions. It is not usually advised to suggest supplements during group sessions due to possible interactions with medications.

Food and Beverage Providers

Do you have on site catering facilities? Would you like to provide more healthy, balanced meals for your staff? Polly can discuss menu planning and snack provision with your catering manager or chef.

Exercise Programme

Polly Douglas works closely with Scott Lister of Sport Link (http://www.sportlink.org.uk/about-us.html) who provide on-site exercise programmes for employees. Diet and exercise are key to improved health and wellbeing, so why not make it really easy for your workforce to access both, on site, by discussing it with us today?

Health Checks

In association with Natural Alternative (http://www.natural-alternative.co.uk/health-checks/) health checks can be carried out, to help your workforce be aware of any health risks, and giving some tips on how to improve things. A vital part of any organisations health & wellbeing strategy. Assisting in improving morale, reducing absenteeism, improving productivity.


Type of Service



per hour (or part of)


6, 8 or 12 week programme

per person (max 15), per session


One-to-one sessions

per day

(1 hour or 30min sessions)


includes information handouts, and an individualised plan of action per person

Food and Beverage

per hour

Up to £50

each job will be priced individually

Polly Douglas works independently and is open to discussion on how to help you work with your employees to help them follow a healthier, more balanced diet. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss alternative arrangements to those laid out above.

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Polly Douglas, Nutritional Therapist 07837 100 642 pollydouglasnutrition@gmail.com

For more information, see www.pollydouglasnutrition.com

For more information about the Healthy Working Lives Award: http://www.healthyworkinglives.com/