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Detox-day 1

nutritional therapyPosted by Polly Douglas Sun, January 15, 2012 11:18:44

I have decided to start a detox today, after Christmas I feel a bit bloated and 'unclean' far too many pork products, sugary treats and alcohol, and definately not enough fresh air and vegetables!! I also feel a bit low and tired so i hope that giving myself a spring clean, and a kick up the backside I will feel a bit better to tackle the rest of this busy year.

The first week is not too bad, cutting down on wheat, dairy, sugar and caffeine. Most of this i try to do anyway, although over christmas i have been much less strict! The hardest bit will be cutting out alcohol. I am not a heavy drinker by any means but I do enjoy a glass of wine or a G&T, and I will miss it over the next few weeks. I also need to increse my vegetable intake, especially green, orange and yellow coloured ones, so lots of soups and stews, stir fries and salads I think. I also need to increase my fluid intake, so lots of water and herbal teas-especially detox type ones (nettle, dandelion, fennel, mint etc). The purpose of this is to reduce the toxins going in to my body and to get it prepared for next week, which is a more hard going...

This week I am taking some supplements to help eliminate toxins, support my digestive system and help my liver to detox. it is important when you are detoxing to have all the excretory systems in your body working well, so that any toxins being released, are eliminated, and not circulated around, and re-absorbed. It is a little bit like stirring up a fish tank to get rid of the left over food, and fish poo, but not turning on the filters, it all floats about for a while then settles back down.

I'll keep you posted, and let you know how I'm getting on. Next week things get much more difficult!

Posted by Polly Douglas Tue, January 31, 2012 09:26:12

Well, I have come to the end of the 10 day detox, and I do feel a bit better. I have lost 5lb in weight and 3.5inches, mainly from the bits I didn't want to loose it from, but nevermind! I do feel a bit more comfortable in my clothes which is nice. It hasn't been easy, but it hasn't been impossible either. I did find it difficult on days 6 & 7, when i was down to cruciferous veg, lettuce, apples and pears. It might be easier to do in the summer when I quite enjoy salad and raw foods but on a chilly January morning I wanted something warm. I stewed the fruit for breakfast, which was nice, and had it with my milk shake supplement, which contains protein and 150calories, so it kept me going better than if I had just had the fruit. I also cheated a little bit and had onions and garlic! I discovered that steamed broccoli and cauliflower is greatly enhanced by sauted onions, garlic and finely shredded spinach! i think I will use it again, but probably as an accompanyment, not just a main course.
I also discovered how difficult it is to eat out while on this detox, and slipped a little on the last day when I had to help my daughter with her fish and chips!! A bowl of tomato and lentil soup just wasn't enough for me, after cycling all morning.
I have to say that my skin is much clearer and my eczema has not been so bad on my hands. Also my IBS symptoms have been a lot better during the detox, only once have I woken up with my usual achey tummy, so that has been a significant improvement. I will now bring back the other foods slowly, and keep an eye on my symptoms to see if I have a flair up after eating anything specific. I already suspect I have issues with wheat and dairy, but it will be interesting to see what happens next......

Posted by Polly Douglas Tue, January 24, 2012 20:21:31

I am now 4 days into the intense 10day detox...I have now removed meat, fish, dairy, eggs, gluten grains and all sugars, artificial things, caffeine and alcohol completely. I am also taking an additional supplement which is a milk shake type drink which supports liver function and also helps to draw out toxins. i'm feeling quite tired and i don't have much energy. I've found it quite hard work in the restaurant today, both working with food and just the physical walking about. it's 8pm now and i do feel like i could go to bed! For the next 3 days I am only allowed to eat pulses and vegetables, so i don't imagine the energy levels will improve much. i made a really nice tea tonight tho, gluten free pasta with onion, sun blushed tomatoes, olives, peppers and mushrooms. I was getting a bit sick of rice...but i am off all grains tomorrow so i will really struggle. breakfast is the most difficult meal, to think of something quick and easy and filling!

My favourite snack this week has been a slice of rye bread with some almond butter and a mashed banana, very tasty and would do for breakfast or lunch!! I have had some cravings for sugary things, I've not been too bothered about alcohol, although the pub quiz this weekend may test my resolve!

I'll update you at the end of the week, I may be sick of the sight of broccoli and cauliflower by then.

Posted by Polly Douglas Sat, January 21, 2012 11:36:53

Thanks for that Jen, good idea to buy yourself an incentive pair of jeans!! I definately feel less chunky around my waist, but i'm going to wait until next week to do a second weigh in, and measure off. I hope I will have lost something...
Today is Day 1 of the 10 day detox, I have to cut out meat and all refined sugars, caffeine and artificial stuff...so it really is home made food only, and only fruit & veg and beans, nuts etc. I'll try not to be jealous when the family tuck into pizza for tea tonight!

Posted by Jen Fri, January 20, 2012 22:12:02

I was inspired by your day one blog as it gave me a sense of what was to come. I'm excited by this detox and already feeling results. I must admit, i haven't been that strict this week with alcohol as i took it as cutting down, not cutting out. Actually, i'm really looking forward to monday when i'll begin the 10 day detox and eliminate everything. I already feel more energised and not so bloated which creates a positive outlook for the days ahead. Also, bought some skinny jeans as an incentive ;-) I think the supplements do help and coincidentally, i also feel more thirsty and have had no problem drinking 1.5 -2litres of water per day but peeing for Britain ;-)

Posted by Polly Douglas Thu, January 19, 2012 21:49:43

I'm 5 days in to the detox, and I'm feeling good! I didn't actually think this week would make such a difference, but my tummy (which has been painful over the past couple of months) is much better and I feel less tired and grumpy generally. I have been sleeping better, and not waking up feeling tired, which is also a bonus.
I have to confess I did have one G&T with friends the other night, but I did have lots of water afterwards and it was only 1 slip up. I have managed to have no wheat, dairy, processed sugars (although I have had plenty of fruit etc) or caffeine.
My worst day was on Tuesday, when I went to work unorganised, and I didn't eat anything all day, because there was nothing suitable around. It was a good lesson to learn, I need to take food with me, so that I am prepared, and I can grab something when I need to eat.
I'm getting ready to start the more serious 10 day detox stage on Saturday, when I have to cut out more things and start taking the detox supplement, which supports the liver but also helps to draw out toxins from the cells and tissues. I gave this to a client once, who hadn't been prepared for it, and he was quite ill with headaches, and stomach ache. This is why I need to do the week preparing for the detox, to get my gut and liver ready to eliminate any extra toxins being released.
I'll let you know how I'm getting on....