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Polly Douglas Nutritional Therapist

Polly Douglas, Nutritional Therapist

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nutritional therapyPosted by Polly Douglas Mon, February 29, 2016 12:06:16


Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper

How many of us fuel our day with coffee and biscuits, quick fixes that keep us going? No time to sit and eat lunch or breakfast? We may keep going, but we’re doing nothing for our long term energy levels or our waist lines.

What and how we eat has an impact on how we concentrate throughout the day. Starting the day with a nutritious and balanced breakfast can help us remain alert and less likely to reach for the chocolate biscuits at 10am.

By combining complex carbohydrates and protein in your breakfast you give yourself a slow burning, long term energy release which will see you through to lunch time. Breakfast is often overlooked, or taken quickly in the car, or in front of your e-mails, but by taking a few minutes to make sure you eat a good quality breakfast you may find you are more alert throughout the day and can concentrate better during the afternoon.

Some easy changes to make:

· Add ground nuts or seeds to porridge, avoid sweetening with sugar/honey, use fruit instead.

· Granola or muesli with added nuts, served with natural yogurt and fresh fruit.

· Have an egg on wholegrain toast, no time? A hardboiled egg can be prepared the night before.

· Nut butters, instead of jam on your toast use peanut or almond butter and half a mashed banana

Our traditional choices of processed cereals or toast and jam will give us an instant hit of sugar in the morning, raising our blood sugar and insulin levels. Our body reacts quickly and soon processes this, turning excess sugar into fat, and at the same time dropping our blood sugar levels too low, and encouraging us to eat more carbohydrate rich, sugary foods. With a dip in sugar levels our energy and concentration also dips and does nothing for our ability to focus on our daily work.

Polly Douglas is a fully qualified nutritional therapist offering advice on how to help support your workforce through the dietary choices they are making. It is not about changing everything completely, but small, achievable changes can make a huge difference to how we feel. Polly can provide seminars or workshops to help explain the changes needed, or can advise chefs and food providers about changing menus to help support a healthier, happier workforce.